Core Principles

Core Principles

Arran Resilience has followed four key principles since its inception.

Local ownership

There is a strong sense of community on Arran, and emergency teams have a reputation for ‘just getting on with it’ when necessary.  There are certain capabilities and limitations due to Arran being an island, which are best understood by those who live in the community.

For this reason it is important that ownership of Arran Resilience remains with local teams, whilst involving the experience and skills of our mainland colleagues to build up a flexible, up-to-date and effective approach to emergency situations.

Can do attitude

This thread runs throughout all our activities.  Where a problem is encountered, we prefer to seek useful approaches which will work pragmatically.  Arran’s emergency teams – and the wider community – is rich in skills and experience, and often any issues can be dealt with effectively using island resources.

Working within existing framework

All teams have their own governing protocols and procedures.  Arran Resilience does not seek to change any of these – instead it aims to develop an inter-team understanding of the capabilities and constraints of each team, and look at how teams can be integrated whilst working within their own governance frameworks.

Cost neutrality

We aim to match responder enthusiasm for participation in activities, with cost-effective ways of delivering these activities.  Pragmatically, this works by investing time in Resilience activities and being dependent on voluntary commitment.  We are fortunate to have had some  funding to cover essentials such as tea, coffee and biscuits – as well as some of the logistics of exercise planning such as scrap vehicles for extrication.

The intention is to continue this principle.  It is also important that we allow teams to continue to raise funds for their own purposes – we do not intend to set up any parallel fundraising activity unless this has direct benefit to the Resilience teams.