Simulation Training

Link to evaluation report for CSU

View the evaluation report of the Mobile Clinical Skills Unit to Arran (click on image, PDF 1.2MB)

Simulation Training

The emergence of mid and high fidelity clinical simulation training offers specific advantages to teams who work in rural areas. Typically a diverse range of clinical presentations can present to rural centres, which occur with low frequency but which require advanced skills to be employed quickly – and sometimes until specialist help arrives from retrieval teams.

  • Teams are usually small and familiar, which makes it easier and more effective to increase standards of “non-technical” skills – such as communication, handover, leadership and situational awareness. These are all components of emergency care that simulation training can effectively address.
  • The importance of generic skills, such as ABCDE assessment, can be reinforced in different scenarios.
  • Simulation scenarios can easily be tailored to reflect local circumstances.
  • Basic simulation can be achieved with relatively inexpensive and available resources; however high-tech options such as mobile mid-fidelity simulators are also available.

Mobile Clinical Skills Unit

In February 2011, we organised for the Mobile Clinical Skills Unit (funded and managed by NHS Education for Scotland) to visit Arran for a week. An intensive educational programme was put together for local responders from the NHS and other agencies. An impressive level of simulation training was provided by the Crosshouse Resuscitation Officers, Yorkhill Paediatric Retrieval Team and the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service.

You can view a report of how the week was organised, along with an evaluation of feedback by clicking the image on the right.