BASICS Responders


BASICS Responders

Base: Across Arran

Typical Mobilisation Time: 0-15 minutes

How Mobilised: 999 or via hospital

Personnel: 4 tracked responders (3 GPs, 1 Nurse), but all GPs are able to provide BASICS response.

Vehicles: Personal vehicles and kit.

Core Roles: Prehospital care, to supplement and augment ambulance response when multiple incidents or casualties.  Normal role is as rural GPs (or practice nurse) with A&E and inpatient care at community hospital.

Triage Awareness: Competent

Casualty Care: Advanced prehospital care using Sandpiper Bags and BASICS Scotland skillset.

Links: Arran Medical Group   BASICS Scotland


Further Information

Emergency bags are generously provided by the Sandpiper Trust

Emergency bags are generously provided by the Sandpiper Trust

Arran GPs carry equipment including Sandpiper Bags which allows them to respond effectively to emergencies if necessary.  There are occasions when two emergencies occur at the same time, or multiple/challenging scenarios develop such as entrapped casualties.  There are also situations when GPs/practice nurses are geographically closer to the patient, and when the ambulance can be over 30 minutes away, a dual response can be beneficial to reduce the response time to seriously ill patients.

GPs on Arran follow the principles advised by BASICS Scotland, and update their skills at least on an annual basis, as well as continual experience in covering the A&E unit.

In addition to this, three GPs and one ITU-trained practice nurse are available as ‘tracked’ responders, which allows the ambulance service to immediately locate and contact them to request their attendance.

More details about BASICS Scotland and the Sandpiper Trust are available from their websites.  If you are interested in how the AIM CARE work has developed the BASICS response on Arran, please get in touch with us.